Graduating with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in psychology from Brandeis and Duquesne University, respectively, Nick Casamassimo is not your ordinary real estate agent.  His tenure as a Director in a prominent drug rehab center and with Personal Home Management has allowed him to acquire superior skills in negotiation, marketing, data analysis as well as listening to the needs of others. These skills easily parlayed into the real estate arena, where he outshines the competition.


Some things to expect when working with Mr. Casamassimo:


Availability:  Nick allows himself to be available 24/7/365 to all of his clients.  While most agents don't value this "old school" concept of customer service, Nick believes it is essential throughout any transaction. 


Transparency: Buyers and Sellers will have the ability to see inventory in real time, receive CMAs (comparable market analysis) and have their own online system where they can see their targeted properties in an organized, user friendly platform.  While some agents may think this is giving too much information to the public, Nick finds it necessary to allow his clients to see the market as he sees it. 


Proactive Approach:  Reactive approaches to real estate can torpedo a deal quickly. This is why Nick makes it high priority to identify potential issues before they happen and comes up with solutions.  That way should a problem arise, clients can easily pivot and close on their home seamlessly.


Market Knowledge:  Nick takes great pride in knowing the macro and micro trends in the market, home valuations as well as which home improvements will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  This is crucial if Buyers are looking to get a great deal on a property or if Sellers are looking to maximize profits.








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